The 7 Best Air Hockey Tables 2019

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Well, it is the fun time. Do you like Air Hockey? What? You don’t even know what Air Hockey is? Mmmmm…. Ok, let’s take a quick preview of the Air Hockey game itself before reviewing The 7 Best Air Hockey Tables I have tried and used.

 The 7 TableTop Air Hockey



What is Air Hockey Table Game and How Does it Work?

It is one of the speeds and concentration games. The outer shape of Air Hockey Table is akin to the billiard table but it is very different in use especially the surface. Its surface is extremely smooth surface. It’s perforated by lots of miniature air holes. These holes are the outlet of air that comes from a fan that fit underneath the table.

It is a two players game. Each one of them stands at a side of the table with a pusher (also called a mallet). Each one of them should push or strike a flat disc that known as a puck to get a goal in the opponent’s goal.

The air holes make something like an air cushion underneath the puck that allows it to float across the playing surface. This effect accelerates the movement of puck very much. This reduction of friction makes the puck very speed and the game as well.

The proficiency of a good player is not in pushing the puck into the opponent’s goal but using the table sides (Also, known as rebound rails) to get this goal. This may give you a variety of the attack angles. Again, Air Hockey Table Game is a game of speed and concentration.

In this articles, and because I’m keen to get a unique playing experience with Air Hockey Game I reviewed The top 7 air hockey table for sale that will give you this experience.

So, let’s start…..

1) – American Heritage 390074 Monarch Series :

It is one of the modern Air Hockey tables with its overhead arch. It blows air powerfully with its fan. I like its electronic scoring, too.

American Heritage is a very sleek Air Hockey Table. This makes the table smooth to let puck glide over fast. Also, the Cherry-finished cabinet has silver caps and trim.

American Heritage 390074 Monarch Series got 3.6 stars of Amazon customer reviews (57% of them are 5 stars). Its warranty is 1-year limited warranty.



2) – Hathaway Face-Off Air Hockey Table with Electronic Scoring-5 Feet :

Hathaway Face-Off Air Hockey is another electronic scoring system air hockey table. Also, it has a built-in automatic puck return system. Its electronic blower is 110v.

It is made of tested and certified materials that safe environment to use, plus it is engineered rigorous table play. Its (L) shape legs support the stability and of course comfortable game for players even with the hard games with the hardest slap-shots.

Its warranty is very short. Only 90-day limited warranty. Hathaway Face-Off Air Hockey got 3.9 stars of Amazon customer reviews. (40% of them are 5 stars).


3) – Viper Vancouver 7.5-Foot Air Hockey Game Table :

Viper Vancouver has the same feature of Hathaway motor; its air flow rate is 110 cubic feet per minute. This feature provides powerful and steady air to keep the puck flowing very fast.

It is not the only new feature but also you have to take a look at the electronic scoring system. It includes the timer with adjustable options that gives you the ability to set it for 10, 15, or 20 minutes as you like, or even make it open with unlimited minute time option.

The smooth Viper Vancouver is designed like a real ice-hockey rink. The white playing surface of this air hockey table will give you the feeling of ice-hockey matches.

Plus the 4 pucks and 4 mallets, Viper Vancouver has leg levelers to ensure the level of playing surface. Its dimensions: 89-1/2″ L x 50″ W x 32″ H.

Viper Vancouver has Dual End Puck Returns that matches the speed style of game and allows you to access the puck quickly.

Viper Vancouver got 3.1 evaluations of Amazon customer reviews (28% of them are 5 stars).

4) – Playcraft – Center Ice 7′ Air Hockey Table :

The distinct feature of Playcraft – Center Ice 7′ is the powerful air fan. It blows the air into the air holes up to 223 cm. It has 3/4 inch thick high gloss PVC laminate playfield for fast puck action.

The scoring system is automatic. It is set on the side of the rail. You can set the timer according to your preferred game time or match. Also, you can adjust the table legs up to 5 inches with the diameter leg levelers.

Playcraft – Center Ice 7′ Air Hockey Table got 3.8 evaluations of Amazon customer reviews (52% of them are 5 stars).

5) – Playcraft Sport 40-Inch Table Top Air Hockey :

The Playcraft Sports 40-Inch is better for younger kids. It comes with the dimensions of 40 x 21 x 8 inches and weighs 20.4 pounds. The set includes 2 pushers and 2 pucks.

It is UL-approved, with 100 cubic feet per minute air-powered fan. It is easy to move, store and adjust and suitable for kindergartens. It doesn’t take a big space to use and the best solution for kids who can’t use the original size of Air Hockey Table. It is made of sturdy MDF hardwood and the motor of 100 cubic feet per minute power will offer a suitable speed for kids.

Playcraft Sports 40-Inch Table Top Air Hockey got 4.1 rating on Amazon customer reviews (52% of them are 5 stars).

6) – NG1009H Carmelli Face-Off 5ft Electric Scoring Air Hockey Table :

Carmelli Face-Off 5ft is constructed of 1⁄8 CARB Certified MDF material with a laminate coating (this means that the table will not shimmy or twist). It comes with the dimensions of 60L x 26W x 31H and 110v UL approved high output electric blower. This blower makes puck glides very fast over the smooth surface.

It has an electronic scoring system, rugged reinforced L-shaped legs with big levelers to ensure the level of playing field at any place, and great hockey graphics.

It has an automatic puck return system. Carmelli comes with 3 strikers and 2 pucks. Finally, it is easy assembly and very fast air hockey table.

Carmelli Face-Off 5ft got 3.8 evaluations of Amazon customer reviews (64% of them are 5 stars).

7) – Gold Standard Games Home Pro Elite Air Hockey Table :

Pro Elite Air Hockey Table is not only the most expensive Air Hockey table in this list but also the most luxurious one. It is designed by Air Hockey Champion Mark Robbins. Also, it is endorsed by a list of champions:

  • Danny Hynes (10-time USAA World Champion)
  • Tim Weissman (10-time Champion
  • Mark Robbins 2-time Champion

Its dimensions are 87 x 48 x 19 inches and weigh 350 pounds.

It is the champions table. It is solid low-profile and professional-style aluminum rails. Pro Elite has an electronic scoring system with a unique feature of sound (optionally). Also, it has a special wear-resistant laminate top for years of durability and fun. The superior Pro Elite air hockey table is designed for both beginners and professionals.

Gold Standard Games Home Pro Elite Air Hockey Table got 4.2 evaluations of Amazon customer reviews (67% of them are 5 stars).

Well, it looks like a dissimilar list. Ok, I meant that exactly. I wanted to offer more options for Air Hockey Tables for many cases (beginners, professionals, kids…… home, workspace, champions….. and so).

Read the list carefully again for one more time and choose the suitable Air Hockey Table from our list of The 7 tabletop air hockey.


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