Best Radar Detector App 2018

Why searching for Best Radar Detector App? It is logic. You are interested in using a radar detector device. So, you should use a suitable mobile app, too. Plus, using a mobile app is easier and cheaper than buying the physical device.

Everything in our life is going mobile, why you may think that Radar Detectors are not? Let’s discover what mobile app technology offer in radar detecting.

Best Radar Detector App

Best Radar Detector App

What is Radar Detector App Exactly?

While classic drivers go to invest in normal radar detectors, technology lovers are searching for an app to do the same function.

Radar Detector App is an application that is designed to act like real radar detectors with extra features.

cop radar app

Cop Radar App

Is Best Radar Detector App Legal?

It is legal in the most of the countries and USA states. But there are few countries that consider radar detector app as a not acceptable app and may have regulations limiting the use of such apps.

police radar app

Police Radar App

Best Radar Detector App in Google Play Store

The following list contains the best Radar Detector apps on the whole internet. I chose them carefully upon users positive opinions and rating.

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1. Waze:

Waze is an incredible app. It makes a lot of things and one of them is police radar detecting. Waze allows you to get:

  • Many Detecting Functions: It gives you a lot of alerts about traffic, hazards, police, accidents, preferred routes, and of course police radar locations.
  • Smart Forecasting According To Live Data: It estimates your arrival time 90% correctly. Your ETA is based on live traffic data and then your information is more accurate.
  • Pay Less For Gas: It helps you to find the cheapest gas stations along your route.
  • Compatible with Android Auto: It is another feature that makes your life easier using it on your Android Auto Display.
  • Voice Guidance: Choose your favorite among a variety of voices to guide you while you drive with head up.
  • …… and much more with Waze.

Waze combines solving both of radar detecting and battery consumption problems. So, your mobile will not leave you in the middle of your trip.

Waze data is very accurate. It is always fed with fresh and live data that allow you to know what you are going to meet in your path and how to overcome.

Finally, it is the most famous radar detecting app on Google Play. Its installs are in between 100 and 500 million. To touch the difference you should know that next in this list is in between 5 and 10 million. Its positive rate is 4.6 stars with about 5 million 5 stars rate. And of course, it is FREE Best Radar Detector App.

2. Speed Camera Radar:

Speed Camera Radar looks like a dedicated radar detector app. It focuses on detecting static speed cameras, red light cameras, and mobile officers.

It is very simple app and interface comes with the same concept: simplicity. Another unique feature is Speed Camera Radar supports every single country in the world. This means you should use it if you travel a lot. Company updates it every day with real and live data. It can keep you away from the hazards, accidents, constructions, and high traffic locations

The last unique feature is that you can turn it on in the background of your mobile. Also, Speed Camera Radar doesn’t drain your battery. Price: FREE.


3. Radar Beep – Radar Detector:

It is another dedicated Radar Detector. Radar Beep is a smart radar detector app. It turns on automatically when your phone connects your car via Bluetooth and turns off when you turn off your mobile, too.

Moreover, it comes with smart NFC Magnetic Sticker that you place in your car. So, Radar Beep turns on when your phone is near to sticker and vice versa.

The main idea of Radar Beep is connecting to GPS using your internet connection to collect required live data. It detects radar locations and helps you avoid fines. It notifies you by sound for the Police Radar Locations and then you slow down your car speed to avoid shooting by speeding ticket.

You can use Radar Beep with or without a navigator. It focuses on radar locations. It has a map of them and warns you with notifications at the right time.

4. Escort Live Radar:

Escort Live Radar is the oldest app on this list. I think it is the oldest and Best Radar Detector App ever. Escort won many awards like Car & Driver’s 10 Best Technology winner (2012), SEMA Show Best New Mobile Electronic Product award winner (2012), and more.

Also, Escort works in the background to save your battery. It is FREE but it has a premium version that comes with advanced features like detailed threat information, including time-sensitive colored-coded warning icons for fast, safe, and more accurate responses.

Escort Live Radar has its own network that users share (and so do you) the details of the police speed gun they just passed, and then you know what to care about in a particular area. Escort Live Radar Network is a really powerful community that you can benefit.


5. Cobra iRadar:

Cobra iRadar is the second Best Radar Detector App that comes with its own community. Again, the power of community can’t be ignored.

By using Cobra iRadar community you can receive and submit the real and exact locations of Red Light Camera, Actual Police, traffic areas, and Speed Cameras to Extensive iRadar Community.

It is 100% verified camera database and has a massive database of Red Light Camera Locations. It won over 7 awards.

It is not an advantage to be a FREE app but the real one is: It is an Ad-free platform. So, you will not face the hassles of pop-up ads that interrupt you.

Cobra iRadar is a smart app that can know the difference between real and fake camera. It receives full 360-degree protection and gets less than 5% chance of false alerts.

Is Best Radar Detector App Sufficient?

Radar Detector App

Radar Detector App


Generally, it looks good to do everything using your mobile but the real use of such applications shows the benefits of an independent radar detector, too.

First of all, the radar detector is an independent device that is designed specifically for this function. Your mobile is not. Your mobile does many functions. It is for calling, receiving calls; send/receive messages, searching the web, and many things. Each application on your mobile does an independent function.

Imagine receiving a phone call while you are driving your car using Best Radar Detector App, how it could be? I don’t underestimate the value of such an app, but I respect specialization.

Anyway, these were the best 5 if you want to choose Best Radar Detector App for your next trip. Check them carefully and choose your best.