wanted to take some time to recognize those bloggers who are inspiring people to cook healthy, wholesome meals. Whether it be vegetarian, gluten-free, or classic down-home cooking, we appreciate all of the time and hard work that goes into creating these recipes. Check out our Top 30 Cooking And Recipes Blogs and see what they’re up to.


1) Thyme for Cooking

It’s a blog about food and France and fine healthy dining

The name thyme describes the site ,  a  universal spice used in fine cooking and brightening every day dishes. The setting and the spirit is French, but the recipes are from all over the world. The recipes are arranged as per the different courses served at a meal.  The range of recipes start from omelettes through quiches and up to pasta and couscous. The blog offers a wide variety of dishes and cuisines and is a must visit.


2) Bottom Of The Pot

It is a large site with a very large number of blogs and beautiful pictures in reds and golds and with the theme of celebrations and the silk road for inspiration it is dedicated to the majestic cuisines especially of the middle east. The festival being cooked for is Yalda. The recipes include cranberries and fruits used in profusion in all dishes.


3) The Bright Bird

The blog to go to for plant based fully added oil free vegetarian dishes which are often baked versus other forms of cooking, is Sonia’s the bright blog. Her baked porridge recipes with berries are a must try. Sonia is a Master Nutrition Student  the relationship between food, nutrition and overall health is her passion. She promotes fun vegan recipes on her blog and is dairy, fat, oil, animal protein free. She uses non dairy milk, almond or oat milk for her fluffy pancakes and porridge.



Laura is spiritually rooted to her home in the South and calls rural Alabama her home. She has designed her blog to be welcoming, celebratory and simple. As she says so herself her blog is a place with recipes that are made in a relaxed atmosphere. It also has DIY crafts and projects to brighten the dining table.Her recipes are based on home cooking. The casseroles are especially pleasing.


5) Saffron Pudding

A loving wife, a cheerful blogger and a cook with Kuwait, the Middle East and European recipes. The recipes are based on berries, aromatic herbs like anise, poppy seeds etc. the breads are a must try as they are fluffy and almost good enough to eat on their own. The blogger is  Fatemah Alhusayni. She has recipes for cookies and brownies from her current home and Gors Okaily from Kuwait. The site offers a range of recipes.


6) Alexandra’s Kitchen

Alexandra’s Kitchen is a blog by Alexandra Stafford. She writes weekly on weeknight cooking and soon expects her book Bread Toast Crumbs to be published. The blog has some unexpected and fresh recipes like Bircher Muesli, Coconut Oil on the one hand and some of the simplest of recipes like mom’s peasant bread on the other. One delicious recipe seems to be Buttermilk –Blueberry Breakfast cake.


7) The Forest Feast

Caprese, salads, tacos, cheese balls all on one blog called the Forest Feast. The use of veggies in healthy proportions will make this a favorite. Oils like truffle oil makes it a go to for fine dining as well. It also features DIY projects with food giving your table swag. It is the blog with a book series called “The Forest Feast….” The Forest Feast is included in Amazon’s 100 Books for a Lifetime of Cooking & Drinking.


8) Food Heaven Made Easy

The blog is dedicated to a healthy you and a healthy lifestyle also promotes books like “Meal Plan” for healthy meals and Starter Kits to get you cooking healthier meals, vegetarian meals and clean eating.  It also gives a free Ebook for visitors. The blog sells apparel inspired by the food blog. You can also join the bloggers for a 5 day health and food oriented seminar.


9) Minimalist Baker

Fewer ingredients, healthy cooking  or rather especially baking made easy. All recipes promise to use less than 10 ingredients and create deliciousness the minimalist way. Dana and husband John of Portland are the bloggers.  The recipes are gluten free, and lean towards vegetarianism. The recipe names tell a tale so you have the Sweet Potato Chickpea Buddha on the one hand and Peanut Butter and Jelly Muffins on the other hand.


10) Golubka Kitchen

The recipe creators are Anya Kassoff and Masha Davydova. They are a team swapping recipes to keep in touch and indulge in their passion at the same time. The recipes are vegetarian some vegan some raw. Health is the focus. They promote healthy soups  and smoothies ready to blend, ready to heat and delivered to your home. Some attention grabbing recipes are almost savory raw chocolate.


11)Running on Real Food

Deryn is the blogger who shares wellness regimes and secrets in a holistic manner, where the food recipes are simple and vegan, workouts and other tips all conspiring to keep you fit and fine. The recipes are for healthy snacking, lunch and dinner, breakfast and salads. Some tasty looking pictures and recipes are for China seed based, or raw banana, baked strawberry, fudgy flourless brownies seem delicious.


12) Sweet Potato Soul

Helpful recipes and videos of easy  and interesting recipes like Vegan banana French toast, vegan lentil meatballs, Chipotle oyster mushroom sliders and especially dear to the bloggers heart : sweet potato recipes.  The blogger  Jenne loves soul food which was her childhood and vegan which she discovered in college and continues to hold dear.  Her blog along with breakfast, desert, dips and sauces also has beauty  tips that are cruelty free.


13) Vegan Recipes by Angela Liddon Oh She Glows

Angela’s blog is all about vegan, gluten free, soy free and no processed foods are included.  Popular recipes. Oh she glows has 15 popular cookie recipes, a favorite of many is a hardy stew of lentils sweet potato and butternut. Among the simplest of her recipes are 10 minute pastas. She also shares her pregnancy experiences in pictures and tips.


14) Vegan Recipes by Kathy Patalsky

Kathy Patalsky’s blog wants to share her love for healthy meals, habits, and provide life answers and inspirations that she holds true with everybody.  Her most popular food item is sweet potatao burger, and yes this is a vegan styled blog. Health and animal friendly is the logo. Kathy’s cookbook Vegan Recipes gets a mention on her blog. Her fruit salads are wonderful and aptly called Fruit Holiday.


15) Gluten-free, whole food recipes & photography by Julia Gartland

The recipes on this side are seasonal and healthy and delicious and as the blogger Julia says just happen to be gluten free because she suffered for a long time for a healthier disease free life.  The great thing about this site is that the recipes can be adopted for anything that the reader wishes to eat, if not gluten free and vegan. The recipes are classified into vegetarian V, Vegan V+, GF Gluten free, DF dairy free.


16) My Darling Lemon Thyme

The story behind the immigration story is exactly what the blogger says we could if we want accept everyone and all as ONE human race. Her recipes reflect that cuisines today belong to more than one race, religion or country. The food we are now eating reflects the fact that we are indeed closer and connected together like never before. Recipes are classified by season and yes there are curries galore too. Eggs are used in some recipes others are dairy free. Loads of gluten free and vegan recipes populate the blog.


17) Skinnytaste

Gina Homolk is the blogger, photographer and the recipe developer of Gina believes in maintaining proportion control meaning eating in moderation no XL size meals. Another tip she gives is ti eat seasonal whole foods.  So even her non –vegetarian dishes are pretty healthy and meet the need of great health non vegan recipes. Every blogger in site is vegan and internet seems to have been taken over by their blogs, Here is a blog that meets low carb, healthy animal protein kid and family friendly dishes.


18) Sprouted Kitchen

To get her kids to eat veggies has come up with creative recipes like broccoli balls, frittatas and veggie smoothies. Her recipes use the goodness of veggies and combines eggs, cheese and herbs to create perfectly balanced dishes and meals. The photographs on the blog are great and self explanatory. Sara and Hugh partner to bring out the blog and on their books . Their food philosophy is not to stick to one particular diet and not to label foods  as “good” or “bad, but to eat a lot of produce. Their only partiality to eat seasonal foods.


19) The Almond Eater

Fruits and nuts is what abounds in this blog. The recipes are veggie with color and taste and wholesomeness given to them by seasonal fruits and nuts. A lot of smoothie recipes for a healthier and delicious option. The photography and recipes are by Erin she is from Pittsburgh. The blog also sells Erin’s book on food photography. Her BLT salmon Ceasar Salad and Whole 30 garlic salmon with watercress as lunch dishes especially caught the eye as great fish recipes are harder to come by.


20) Lexi’s Clean Kitchen

Sea food, gluten free options, dairy free options, egg free options, nut free options and a whole lot of other varieties including a section devoted to what is currently in season in produce makes this a must visit blog. The blogger is Alexis Kornblum Davidson author of Lexi’s Clean Kitchen . She also blogs about the perfect wedding gifts on the wedding registry must haves section of her blog.


21) Fit Foodie Finds

Lee has created a blog about fitness and how food and fitness tips can create a healthy and happier lifestyle. So it ranges from easy through to challenging to meet life head on. The blog started in 2011. The focus is on balanced lifestyle. The blog covers breakfast through to dinner and an extra heading of dietary for special diets like gluten free. The cardio and other workouts are great to get you on the road to fitness.


22) The Roasted Root

Fritatatas, dairy free paleo,  raw , vegan and cheeses are some of the ingredients used on this blog by  Julia Mueller.  The recipes are vegetable and meat centric where the quality of your produce is the key.  Julia believes in healthy comfort food.  Her ideal meal is lean meat, clean and has to have about pounds of veggies.  Her recipe index has desserts, smoothies,  main dishes and also special diet friendly like paleo,  vegan, vegetarian.


23) CopyKat Recipes

Stephanie Manley created to preserve family recipes and ensure they are not lost. The site offers some fine dining restaurant level recipes too now. Her CopyKat recipes come out in a series and the second book CopyKat Dining out and Dining Out2 are there waiting to be read and followed. So whether it be starbucks or Applebees recipes you can check put this blog or the books to create the magic at home.


24) Cooking For Engineers

Cooking is an art and a science and if details are what you crave for in life and food this is the blog to go to. There is a section devoted to equipment and a section devoted to deconstructing the toughest and most popular recipes. It also teaches some common and some tougher kitchen techniques. The sous vide is especially interesting.



Marla Meredith from Long Island NYC, is living in Telluride Colorado at 9000 feet in the mountains for an adventurous and wholesome well balanced life. She is an avid traveler and her blog is her attempt to express herself and involve the reader in her adventures and travels with the focus on food and lifestyle.She live streams her videos on facebook. Her blog speaks of her travels and shares recipes as varied as  Coffee rubbed mid eye steak to champagne cranberry sauce.


26) Pinch My Salt

Tips like how to blind bake a pie crust and prevent shrinking and slumping, how to make pita chips through to  aloo Paratha, bacon wrapped tenderloin the variety of cuisines and food cultures is wide is and varied. It is healthy but also luscious and embraces Chipote  to bacon. It has breads, sauces, main courses, proteins, desserts and beverages. Beverages like Fresh Strawberry Margarita seems a winner.


27) Blissful and Fit

The blissful and fit chef promotes wellness and preventative eating to a healthy and long life. Christy Morgan shares helpful hints and fitness tips. It promotes 28 days self paced  and wellness rebooting measures. She believes that fitness goals can be achieved on a vegan diet along with a change in lifestyle. Great recipes in wellness coaching amd cooking classes are offered.


28) Passionate About Baking

Promotes seasonal fruit with a passion especially for mulberries. So recipe for  refreshing fruit drinks are found in the blog. Other items are gluten-free, Indian, sweet and vegetarian items. The emphasis is on health and deliciousness. Deeba Rajpal,  the author is a food stylist, recipe developer, and food writer with a specially warm place in her heart for baking. She believes in seasonal and local produce.


29) Food Tourist

The blog is a guide to the best places to eat and to shop for food and wine when you travel to differnt cities and places. It has a section devoted to French wine and another to  natural wine. The site also recommends books on travel and food.  It offers articles on food, travel, wine, cuisines and they vary from  Custard A Primer to food and wine matching to Breakfast in Australia.


30) Evil Shenanigans

Indulging your sweet tooth will become easy with the baking section of this blog in your reach. Bread rolls, biscuits, brownies, bars, cakes, cobblers, cup cakes, crisps, pastries, pies and tarts. It also provides recipes for BBQ, Bacon, Asian, sea food and more and more and more. Kelly Jaggers is all about the taste and not about the waist line. She is the author of four cook books. The Everything Pie Cookbook, Not-So-Humble Pie, Moufflet, and The Everything Easy Asian Cookbook.

In conclusion and appreciation

Exploring the world of food, fitness, adventure through the recipes for meals, and lives lived to the fullest can be achieved through the world of food blogs and the story of the bloggers behind them.