The 7 Best Wifi Extenders

Ok, let’s do it the right way. If you really want a Wifi Extender, you should be aware of the market of this device. It is not only about a buying decision but the right choice. Here, I’m going to uncover The Best 7 Wifi Extenders at present and you choose your best.

But firstly, what The Wifi Extender is? (Briefly)

The Wifi Extender is the device that improves the power of the router WiFi connection in a required area.

It’s a good solution for big or wide places. This place may be your company, home or co-working space. If you touch a weak connection in a particular place or any location that is far of the main router, you will need a wifi extender.

Well, should I use A Wifi Extender in all cases?

Honestly, the answer is: No. You have to check first: What are the weak connection areas? How many times did you need an internet connection in these locations? Could I replace wifi extender with an Ethernet connection?

Top 7 Wifi Extender 2017


Answering such questions will help you to discover if you actually need the wifi extender or not. If you use this area/location permanently (or frequently), you then have to use a wifi extender. If it is easy to use Ethernet connection, it is better to save your money. If the cost of any solution you use costs more than 61$ and causes many hassles, you then have to read this report carefully and choose a wifi extender that meets your needs.

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So, let’s discover what the best wifi extender is for you…..

1. NETGEAR Nighthawk AC1900 Desktop WiFi Range Extender :

It has a brilliant choice and name: Nighthawk. Ok, let’s start with this brilliant device.

It’s NETGEAR and that’s enough. In my personal opinion, NETGEAR is the knockout of all choices. Actually, it is a versatile choice, plus it is affordable.

NETGEAR Nighthawk AC1900 is a good choice for an environment that full of iPhones and iPads. It is ideal for extending WiFi to iPad Air2, iPhone 6S, MacBook Pro and even Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. It has Extreme dual band. Generally, dual band is better than single band, because, single band connect to the router and broadcast its own signals on one line. But dual band connects to the router with one band and broadcast with the other one.

NETGEAR Nighthawk AC1900 has a high WiFi performance with its dual core 1GHz processor. For smart media devices like TV and Game Consoles, AC1900 offers 5 Gigabit ports. Gigabit ports are better and faster than standard Ethernet ports. Nighthawk works by Fast Lane Technology that gives a super high-speed connection for WiFi bands. This speed is an excellent for HD streaming and gaming.

NETGEAR Nighthawk AC1900 is one of most two expensive WiFi Extenders in this list, but definitely it is the best.

2. TP-Link AC1900 Desktop Dual Band Wi-Fi Range Extender :

TP-Link AC1900 is the second one I mentioned above about price. It may be a true rule: High price = High Quality. With TP-Link AC1900, this rule is categorically right.

TP-Link AC1900’s challenge is covering 10,000 square feet area of WiFi range. It has dual band speeds up to 190Mbps. This high speed connection makes a simultaneous gaming and 4K HD streaming.

Like NETGEAR, TP-Link has 5 Gigabit Ethernet ports, and 3 dual band external antennas, too. It is good for TVs and game consoles.

TP-Link AC1900 had got 3.8 stars on Amazon’s Customer Reviews (1459 Customers). TP-Link promises their customers a unique lifetime customer support 24/7 with 2 years warranty.

3. Amped Wireless High Power Wireless-N 600mW : 

Do you want to control the internet connection of your employees? Then, Amped Wireless High Power Wireless-N 600m will be a great choice. This WiFi Extender has the ability to create an additional wireless network with unique security features. It is suitable for employees and guests as well.

Amped is one of the two cheapest WiFi Extenders in this list. It is good for who wants to get a high performance and good price. It covers 10,000 square feet through walls and obstacles to reach required areas that standard extenders can’t reach. Feel free to go up and down of your company/house and enjoy the wide coverage of Amped WiFi Extender.

Also, Amped Wireless-N 600m is a very effective extender with bridge devices like Smart TV, Blue-Ray Players, Gaming Consoles, IP Camera, or even PC (laptop or desktop). You can bridge up to 5 devices.

4. NETGEAR AC1200 Desktop WiFi Range Extender :

I’ve said it before and again: NETGEAR is the knockout of all choices. But NETGEAR AC1200 is something different from his previous brother.

So, what is the difference between AC1200 and the first choice: AC1900? Answer: Speed and the number of antennas. These are the main differences and the price, of course.

Its coverage area is about 10,000 square feet. It has 5 Gigabit Ethernet ports plus 4 Ethernet for Smart TVs and Gaming Consoles.

It is ideal for extending WiFi to smart devices like iPhone, iPad, MacBook Pro, Samsung Devices and even Amazon Fire TV. It has a dual core processer to get the best performance.

NETGEAR AC1200 is the best choice for who wants to get a high quality NETGEAR WiFi Extender with a good price. It is the best choice for more than 2000 customers that rate it as a 5 starts WiFi Extender (general rating 3.9 for total 3456 customers).

5. Linksys AC1200 MAX Wi-Fi Gigabit Range Extender :

The first thing you notice about Linksys WiFi Extender is the unique antennas. It is adjustable antenna and you then can adjust one (or both) of them to get the best performance of your connection.

Some users complain that Linksys RE6500 has a complicated setup. It may be true. But the certain fact is that Linksys is one of the best WiFi Extender that is made for hard work.

Also, it has a unique feature: The RE6500’s audio input jack. Now, you can connect with a speaker system and listen to music from your mobile or computer. This process is happening wirelessly.

Linksys RE6500 is more suitable for people/companies that search for protection. The Linksys RE6500’s WPS (WiFi Protected Setup) and 128-bit encryption make your data safe.

Like previous options, Linksys is dual band and this makes it a high speed WiFi Extender. Finally, Linksys RE6500 is universally compatible with all routers without any conflict.

6. Securifi Almond – Touchscreen WiFi Wireless Router :

Now, it is the fun time. Do you want something different? Yes? OK, say Hello to the Securifi Almond.

As you read in the title: Securifi Almond – 3 minute setup with touchscreen WiFi Wireless Router. In fact, it is the easiest WiFi Extender in this list. Also, it is the cheapest at all.

People who want a good looking WiFi Extender should buy this device. It is like a magic box that never been invented before. It is built-in setup extender (NO PC/Mac/CD needed for Setup or Management). It has many functions. You can use it as the main router, a WiFi Extender or even an access point. So, you can use it according to your current situation.

It has a universal range extender mode. It is compatible with the current router (whatever the router type is: NETGEAR, Linksys, Belkin, etc.). It is compatible with almost all operating systems and devices (Windows, Mac, Linux, iPad, iPhone, XBOX, Android).

Do you want another unique feature? It is UNLIMITED technical support though its warranty is only 1 limited year.

It is very attractive WiFi Extender (or Router, or Access Point). It has over than 11,500 positive reviews (total 4.3 stars). Its price is ideal.

Do you want more over the previous?

It is loyal spy that tells you everything about your network anywhere you are. Go anywhere, know, watch and monitor what is actually happening for your network. It’s amazing feature that helps you a lot. You can block unwanted devices. You can monitor and control the surfing habits of your children and know how many times they logged in and how much time they use internet.

Do you like Siri of iPhone? Well, you have another one that called “Alexa”. Whatever you want, just order your Alexa by your voice to do it on your behalf.

General Specifications? Ok, it is just the basics you want. It has 2 LAN and 1 WAN ports. Its speed is 300Mbps (lower than types above, but it is enough for home use and small business).

It is the first touchscreen router. It is made in Taiwan and I promise you: It will be unforgettable experience and you are going to enjoy it.

7. TP-Link AC1750 Wi-Fi Range Extender :

Does the appearance of The WiFi Extender affect the buying decision? Honestly, I don’t know. But this issue needs to be studied by Behavioral Psychology Specialists.

Well, the last choice of our list looks like alien. Or may be like android robot. I don’t know exactly. And I don’t know if you like this shape or not.

Anyway, it is unique WiFi Range Extender with antenna design. But it is very strong. It covers over than 12,000 square feet (check the coverage of previous devices). So, whatever your home area is, you will enjoy a strong WiFi connection.

TP-Link AC1750 is universal compatibility. So connect it with any type of router or access point to expand your WiFi network.

And because we are in mobile age, TP-Link AC1750 offers a mobile app (iOS & Android) to help you to control and manage all settings of your router quickly and remotely by your smartphone or tablet.

TP-Link AC1750 has a high speed mode that improves overall performance. It has 1 Gigabit Ethernet port for gaming consoles or Smart TV.

Like his brother, TP-Link AC1750 gives you 2 years warranty and lifetime support 24/7.

Well, these were The 7 Best WiFi Extenders that I list in this article. I focused on many factors to give you the best choices. I focused on both performance and attractive shape. Of course, I chose the affordable prices with high performance that is suitable for anyone.

Now, what is the WiFi Extender you prefer? And why?

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